Our Employee

Wage & Benefit

We establish an Employee Welfare Committee in accordance with the internal Employee Welfare Regulations. The company contributes 0.05% of its annual revenue and each employee contributes 0.5% of their wages to the budget of the Committee, including money gifts for three festival holidays, employee birthday, employee travel subsidies and Year-end gifts. The Committee is composed of worker representatives who are in charge of planning and implementing programs and activities relating to employee welfare.

We offer our employee wages and benefits better than what are required by law. We wish to reward our employees with a diverse and balanced work environment conducive to the enhancement of professional know how and personal growth while they work hard and create profit for the company.

  • Leave of Absence:Leave of absence includes maternity leave, paternity leave, mourning leave, special leave, sick leave, flexible leave and msi family day.
  • Insurance:Employees are provided with labor and health insurance, group insurance, medical insurance and health examine.
  • Benefits:Money gifts for the occasions of birthday, childbirth and wedding, condolence payment in case of injury or funeral of family members.
  • Group Activities:Employees in each plant would organize a variety of in-house social groups, and hold regular classes to give employees the chance to take exercise and learn more skills and crafts. The in-house social groups would also hold indoor and outdoor activities from time to time, inviting employees and their families to attend.
  • Counseling Assistance:Provide employees with health, job, psychological and other counseling.
  • Preferential product activities:Aside from providing special employee discount prices on the purchase of msi products, employees been offered employees preferential prices on other companies' products.
  • Others:Aside from offering the latest periodical and books for employees to borrow from the in-house library, we have founded in-site periodical for employees to contribute and learn from each other. And writers and celebrities are invited to give speech to employees regularly.

Education and Training

Offering employees diverse learning and development programs provides the driving force for innovation and growth. All employees must receive orientation training when they first report to work, which covers company introduction, employee benefits, labor safety and health, ISO education, and common legal knowledge. Some professional workers will receive another professional training.

MSI Training System

Curriculums Purpose
Orientation To help new employees understand the corporate organization and culture; carried out on the day a new employee reports to work in principle.
Consensus Training To help new employees understand the internal management policies and basic operating procedures; carried out in three months after a new employee reports to work in principle.
Basic Technical Training To provide new employees with basic training of knowledge and skills needed for the job; carried out in three months after a new employee reports to work in principle.
Management Knowhow Training On-job training To foster the management capabilities of worker or supervisor. To hone the professional knowledge and skills of employees relating to their jobs.
Quality Education Training To raise employee awareness to quality and cultivate and improve their knowledge, skills and attitude towards quality.
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Training To provide employees with training that raises their awareness to work safety, occupational health and environmental protection.
Self-motivation To help employees achieve personal growth and improvement in line with their willingness to learn.
Project Training Training programs offered in line with company policy or specific needs.